Whiles we were working hard in ensuring these vulnerable children gets access to education,  we also thought of a long term strategy to keep the school running. There must be a source of income generation to ensure the smooth running of the school so we decided to put in place greenhouse farms and fish farms. The farms includes beans, fish, chicken, tomatoes, okra and other vegetables. This is what takes care of the school running costs. The farms needs to be expanded to cover more children as school kids number increases.

The preliminary stages is going on well as can be seen on this video. This project is intended for job creation and income generation to support compliment the school's running costs. Several teachers, cleaners, and caterers and other workers from extreme poor homes have been employed already. 

There is an amazing support for this project by the community men, women, chiefs, opinion leaders and government representatives in the area, together we have all been working hard to achieve these goals.

Tomato.es plant in green house

Fish farm

With this initiatives we have been able to lay water pipelines all the way into the schools compound  which is now the source of clean drinking water for many inhabitants around the area and the school children.

Clean water.

Widows and women from poor and deprived homes have been earning income from this initiative while the food HARVESTED supports the deprived children in the school

The school children dinning from the produce of the farms.