It is our belief that education is the key to success especially where these kids found themselves in. Most of these children did not have the opportunity for access to education due to the poor condition they lived in. A few of them who were rescued from streets and given this temporal place where they could have some form of education as seen in the foto considered themselves as most lucky ones but we knew something was not right. They would always have to vacate the class whenever it was raining, Also heavy wind was always blowing away the school board leaving these children helplessly in class. Goats and other animals turned the whole place into their home every night leaving the place very dirty and dangerous to human health. 

With hardworking and determination we were able to put our resources together to acquire land for the school to be built. We did all we could to get donors involved and together we have been able to achieve this result. These children are very talented and are already doing very great in school. Our next step is to get the school up to the Junior secondary school level and further to a technical school so that these vulnerable children can be trained and given the opportunity to have a better future. We call on all well meaning people to support us in our quest to better the lives of these kids.



INAUGURATION ceremony of the school:

During the school's inauguration ceremony many people attended. Chiefs, government representatives, opinion leaders, men, women, children within and outside the community all were at present with amazing traditional drumming and dancing. There were brilliant speeches made by the education ministry, the DCE, parliamentarian and chiefs.