The Foundation recently received financial support from the ASN Foundation, this support is part of the amount budgeted for the second phase of the project. Bellow are fotos of 2000 blocks done as well as sand and chipping stones. This second phase is aimed at finishing the class rooms and completion of the Junior secondary school.

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Partners and links

The new project which we began in 2018 has been completed and yielding a very good benefits for the deprived children. The initial project could contain 167 pupil/kids,  the completion of this new project will see additional 225 vulnerable children gaining access to education, food and shelter. We have been able to add a full primary school with 6 class rooms and teachers office, a junior secondary school with 3 class rooms and teachers office, a very large Dinning hall with library, Toilets has been fixed with play space and the Tomatoes farms as well as fish farms. Our next target is a project that will expand the farms  to be able to raise more funds for the running costs of the school. 

This project apart from putting this vulnerable children in good position it also helps create employment for the poor and need as well as other jobless families, in the areas of Catering for school kids, teachers, cleaners, technicians, farmers e.t.c.

We did additional works in the just ended school project by providing the kids with school bus. Many are not fit to walk. We also put in a very large wall fence across the school and created a security post for the safety of the children. People can not just walk in without passing through the security check point.

Unesco centrum Nederlands

Unesco Centrum located in the Netherlands has been a major contributor to this project, in all the three phases of the project this organisation contributed financially to the project with an amount totalling to €14,000. This together with other organisation's support has led to the major transformation of this project. See bellow the logo of Unesco centrum Netherlands and a link to their website.