We wish to announce that the technical and vocational training centre has been successfully completed. The courses to be started with are fashion design/garment making, electrical engineering, ICT, and block laying and tilling. Other training, such as in agriculture, carpentry, welding, etc., will be introduced later.

We have initiated the accreditation process, which will lead to the students earning certificates at the end of the course. The certificates will ensure that students, after a successful compilation, gain jobs in their respective fields.

With the successful establishment of Hadhakai schools ranging from the kindergarten level to the primary school up to the junior secondary school, our policy stipulates that children must not be educated half-way, especially those from deprived families. This is why we want every child passing through the Hadhakai educational level to have access to proper technical and vocational skills and training.


We have also created an opportunity for people from deprived families who, for one reason or another, could not attend school. Thanks to our short courses and training, this group of people has been registered to be trained.