De Vereniging Hadhakai werd in 2003 opgericht en is sindsdien ook ingeschreven bij de Kamer van Koophandel onder nummer 20111178. Hadhakai heeft een vestiging in Ghana welke ook als Stichting staat geregistreerd. Het doel van Hadhakai Foundation is het ondersteunen van Wezen, kwetsbare kinderen en moeder, van wie de kinderen geen toegang tot voldoende eten, educatie en medisch zorg hebben. sommig van deze kinderen sterven op jonge leeftijd, dit gebeurt op zowel het platteland als steden van Ghana. Lees verder....

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When kids are organized, they can stay focused   instead of spending time hunting things down and getting sidetracked.


There is clear evidence that this project has brought smiles in the faces of these deprived children who would have ended up in the streets of the area. They are very clever and will now have the opportunity for a brighter future.


To ensure that the children get continued education we have moved the school to various stages. The educational complex covers Kindergarten, primary school, and Junior secondary school education. We are also working hard to ensure that we put in place a technical and vocational skills training center to get the children trained after the JHS education. The technical and vocational education will also give an opportunity to other deprived children who for many reasons did not go through the JHS education to be trained.

Wilde Ganzen has been very supportive of this project, with their contribution directly to our project partner, the Hadhakai charitable and contractors foundation in Ghana a lot has been achieved. Our effort here and collaboration with our partners such as Unesco Netherland and other organizations have also contributed much and made it possible to achieve a lot for the Deprived Children. On Agriculture, we have moved steps further creating more chance for running costs of the school as it expands.